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Protecting the Sperrins from the threat of gold mining

Welcome to dontmineus.com
We hope you will find this an informative and useful resource for all local gold mining issues. 
The site will feature regular contributions and news from all the various land-protection groups.
Please check out the various links at the top for the latest news and articles regarding gold mining in the Sperrins region, Northern Ireland.
The site frequently updated, so please check back regularly for updates.

What's it all about? Gold mining in the Sperrins

Dalradian have been operating in the Sperrins now for just over 10 years. They are a Canadian based exploratory company that are currently looking at opportunities throughout the Sperrin region. They have offices in Omagh, Gortin and a small compound at Curraghinalt, in the Owenkillew Valley- near Rousky. This site at Curraghinalt has been the focus for various mining prospecting and research companies for the last 30 years, and previous owners of the site include Tournigan and Ennex International. These companies pulled out of the project as it was proved unsustainable, due to the high cost of security necessary at the time.

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