public inquiry

16th June 2023

Save Our Sperrins Crowdfunder: Second video appeal released

Mark Tierney, prominent Tyrone angler, speaks about his fears for the countryside and the damage a toxic goldmine will do if allowed to go ahead. PLEASE HELP US SAVE OUR CHILDREN FROM THE POISON OF GOLDMINING!

9th June 2023

Save Our Sperrins Crowdfunder for Public Inquiry launched

The ‘Save our Sperrins’ group have launched a Crowdfunder to help raise money to help fight the forthcoming public inquiry.

Use this link to Crowdfunder page to donate- any donation would be appreciated.

We are a small rural community in the Sperrins Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the north of Ireland. A Canadian goldmining company, called Dalradian Gold, has applied for planning permission for a toxic goldmine and massive waste dump, 54 metres/17 storeys high very close to our village, schools, church, community hall & sports fields. Goldmining is a dirty, toxic industry, well documented throughout the world for poisoning water, air, land and health. It produces sulphuric acid (acid mine drainage) and heavy metals like arsenic, mercury, cadmium, chromium, to name but a few, which cause respiratory diseases and numerous cancers.
As people who have lived in the Sperrins all our lives, we greatly fear that our children and grandchildren will no longer be able to live here without being poisoned. The Government has announced there will be a Public Inquiry into the Goldmine planning application. We need experts to represent our case and we need money to pay for the work of these experts to help us. This is truly a David and Goliath Battle. The goldmining company has unlimited money, with Orion Mine Finance funding them, as opposed to us ordinary country people with limited resources. We appeal to you to please give any money you can to our Crowdfunder, for the sake of our children and future generations. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

5th April 2023

Guide to the Public Inquiry Process

This guide aims to provide an overview of the public inquiry process, which is a formal investigation conducted by the Planning Appeals Commission to examine a particular planning application. The process is designed to gather evidence, hear testimony from witnesses and experts, and make recommendations to improve policies, procedures, or practices. The guide explains the different stages of a public inquiry, such as the terms of reference, the appointment of a chairperson, and the submission of evidence, as well as the role of stakeholders and the public in the process. 
Use this link or click on the image to view this guide.

September 2021

Mallon formally requests Public Inquiry to be held for Dalradian Gold Mine project

In 2021, the former Infrastructure Minister, Nichola Mallon, called for a public inquiry into the Dalradian gold mining project in Greencastle. Although there is no confirmed date for the inquiry yet, it is expected to take place in late 2023.
We will provide additional information as it becomes available.