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30th September 2023

Not a nugget, not an ounce! Millenium Forum 15th October 2023

This eclectic mix of comedy, song, music & verse is a call to action from a people pulled together by a passion to protect the water, air, land and their children’s children – all at risk of toxic pollution from a huge goldmine proposed for the headwaters of the River Foyle.

You will go out from this show inspired, informed and energised for action by the collective energy, ‘Not a Nugget, Not an Ounce’ brings to the Millennium Forum!

The artists include Kevin McAleer (comedian & Uncle Colm of Derry Girls), Dani Larkin (singer), Emer Maguire (musical comedian & poet), Ursula McHugh (singer) with Dee Doherty on piano, Fintan Harvey (comedian), Conor O’Kane (singer), Sinéad Ní Mhearnóg (poet), Ríona McGread (singer), Orla Hamill (singer) & Loulou McQuaid (harpist).

This show is organised by Save Our Sperrins environmental charity to raise funds for the forthcoming Public Inquiry into a Canadian company’s planning application for a goldmine & processing plant in the Sperrins Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Save Our Sperrins greatly appreciates that all the artists have given their time and talents free for this exciting show.

Get your tickets here.

30th September 2023

Staff at Scotland's only gold mine put on unpaid leave

Eighty workers at Scotland’s sole gold mine, owned by Scotgold Resources, have been placed on short-term unpaid leave due to financial troubles faced by the company, which has been struggling to secure funds to continue operations. While the company hopes to avoid administration, it is in advanced talks to secure funding to retain essential staff, particularly those involved in mining, machinery, and maintenance at the Cononish mine near Tyndrum. These retained employees will safeguard the site’s assets and ensure compliance with regulatory and environmental obligations. Additionally, Scotgold Resources is considering discussions with an administration specialist as a precautionary measure.

Initially, the business model was expected to closely resemble the ‘Cavanacaw’ model at Omagh. Scotgold’s advantage lay in not having to pay for explosives escort duty to local police. However, this recent development underscores the unsustainability of the current gold mining extraction approach. The Dalradian model is similarly based on this concept, prompting questions about whether they will attempt to reintroduce the use of cyanide locally to enhance viability.

Full story on the BBC here.

19th June 2023

Nibi Water Walk of the River Foyle

Join us for a ceremonial Nibi Water Walk along the River Foyle from source to mouth, led by Ojibwe elder.

The Making Relatives Collective invite you to join us on a 3-day Nibi Water Walk along the River Foyle. The walk from the source to the mouth of the river, will take place from 20-22 June and will be lead by Ojibwe elder Sharon Day and other Water Protectors including the Ikidowin Theatre Acting Ensemble.

Sharon talks here about the reason for the walks: – ‘The Nibi Water Walks are based in Ojibwe Ceremonial Water Teachings. The reason we walk is to honor the rivers and all water and to speak to the water spirits so that there will be healthy rivers, lakes and oceans for our ancestors in the generations to come’.

The water walk is continuous and will cover between 15-25 miles each day, which is done in 1-mile relays, and you can join at any stage. Please see here for more information on the protocols for the Water Walk. Nibi Water Walks . Please familiarise yourself with these protocols, in particular taking note of the main points: –

When we walk we are in ceremony from start to finish; we try to move continuously like the water all day long; women must wear long skirts when carrying the water; men can carry the eagle feather; if others wish to accompany the water they must walk behind in silence, except for songs and prayers for the water.

Please note: The start and finishing points for Days 2 and 3 will depend on how far we walk each day. You will be added to an email group and will be sent daily updates, so please check these. We will also be sharing a live Google tracker location via email. Please see here for the map of the full route: – Map of River Walk

Day 1 – will begin in the Sperrins at Creggandevesky (89 Loughmallon Road, BT70 2SX)  
Click here to book day one tickets

Day 2 – starting point will be updated at the end of Day 1
Click here to book day two tickets

Day 3 – starting point will be updated at end of Day 2, and finish is at Culmore Point (BT48 8JW).
Click here to book day three tickets

*** The last section of Day 3 from Prehen Boat Club will be the best section to join as it will be traffic free (on footpath and Greenway) until the finish at Culmore Point and there will be a minibus to transport people back to Prehen Boat Club ***

Please note – if you are wishing to join on other sections, there may be limited space in support vehicles for transfer back to cars. It might be worth car sharing if possible and leaving a car at the start and finish if intending to walk the full day.

Please register for each day using the relevant Eventbrite so that we know how many to expect. 

16th June 2023

650 workers at Tara Mines in Co Meath temporarily laid off

Full article at
Thecompany of Tara Mines in Co Meath has announced that production and exploration is to cease temporarily at the facility, resulting in the temporary laying off of 650 workers.

Operations at the mine will be temporarily suspended within the next four weeks.

The company described the zinc mine, which is Europe’s largest, as a high-cost mine.

Local politicians have expressed their shock and disappointment at the news.

In a statement, Boliden Tara Mines said that the decision was taken to safeguard the long-term future of the company “in response to significant and unsustainable financial losses”.

The company described the decision to suspend operations as “unavoidable”.

It said that the business was “cash-flow negative” and that losses had been brought about by a combination of factors, including a decline in the price of zinc, high energy prices and general cost inflation.

Gunnar Nyström, General Manager of Boliden Tara Mines, said it was “in the long-term interest” of the mines.

“We are acutely aware of the difficulty and disruption that this decision will cause for our employees, and the wider community in Navan, where the mine has been operating since 1977.

“This was not a decision we made lightly, but we simply have to stem the unsustainable cash outflow that we are currently experiencing, in order to safeguard the long-term future of the mine.”


Mr Nystrom said the company could not be definitive about how long this period of suspension would last, but that company believed it is temporary.

“We will keep the situation under continuous review. We will remain in dialogue with our employees and stakeholders throughout this period.”

A statement from the company said the management team will review further supports available to employees during the temporary layoff and will update employees.

It said it would work with local social welfare authorities and other agencies to assist employees about the supports available to them.

A small number of employees will continue to work on site during this period in order to care for and maintain the mine.

A statement from Tara Mines earlier said: “We are holding a meeting with colleagues tonight to inform them about the impact this decision will have, and will issue a statement after the meeting.”F

9th June 2023

Save Our Sperrins Crowdfunder for Public Inquiry launched

The ‘Save our Sperrins’ group have launched a Crowdfunder to help raise money to help fight the forthcoming public inquiry.

Use this link to Crowdfunder page to donate- any donation would be appreciated.

We are a small rural community in the Sperrins Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the north of Ireland. A Canadian goldmining company, called Dalradian Gold, has applied for planning permission for a toxic goldmine and massive waste dump, 54 metres/17 storeys high very close to our village, schools, church, community hall & sports fields. Goldmining is a dirty, toxic industry, well documented throughout the world for poisoning water, air, land and health. It produces sulphuric acid (acid mine drainage) and heavy metals like arsenic, mercury, cadmium, chromium, to name but a few, which cause respiratory diseases and numerous cancers.
As people who have lived in the Sperrins all our lives, we greatly fear that our children and grandchildren will no longer be able to live here without being poisoned. The Government has announced there will be a Public Inquiry into the Goldmine planning application. We need experts to represent our case and we need money to pay for the work of these experts to help us. This is truly a David and Goliath Battle. The goldmining company has unlimited money, with Orion Mine Finance funding them, as opposed to us ordinary country people with limited resources. We appeal to you to please give any money you can to our Crowdfunder, for the sake of our children and future generations. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
3rd June 2023

Sky News: Protestors vow to 'lie on the road' to stop gold mine in Tyrone mountains

Is corporate media beginning to alter the agenda here in Northern Ireland (NI) ? It is noticeable that the #SaveOurSperrins campaign is regularly attracting some of the largest mass media organisations on the planet . Recently (Friday 2nd June )saw Sky News run a piece about our campaign here in the Sperrins .
Main stream press and tv help to hold companies and politicians accountable for their environmental decision making and promote more responsible behaviour .
The involvement of main stream media increases public engagement , providing a platform for discussion and debate and through this engagement people are encouraged to get involved and work towards positive change.
The widespread and ongoing coverage is with out doubt influencing public opinion here in NI and is possibly helping to shape future government policy. Here at Save Our Sperrins we believe that leveraging the power of communication ,mass media such as Sky News play a crucial role in building a more sustainable future for all human beings.

Read the full article at this link, or use the Youtube link.

21st May 2023

Fermanagh and Omagh, Local council elections 2023

The recent council election in the Fermanagh and Omagh area proved to be a unique and polarizing event compared to previous years. The results demonstrated a swing towards Sinn Fein, with the DUP maintaining their position, but the most notable outcome was the significant loss of independent councillors. Additionally, the UUP also experienced a setback, losing two seats in Omagh and Mid-Tyrone.

The reported turnout in the council elections across the seven areas was approximately 63%, indicating a decent level of civic engagement.

With the elections concluded, attention now shifts towards the business at hand. Out of the 40 seats in the Fermanagh and Omagh Council, Sinn Fein secured 21, Ulster Unionists claimed 7, Democratic Unionists secured 6, SDLP obtained 3, Alliance Party won 2, and there is one Independent councillor. During the campaign, Sinn Fein candidates expressed strong opposition to the mining proposals in Tyrone, and with their majority, there is now a clear council stance against the mining plans.

Having heard the promises during the campaign, constituents now expect elected representatives to take action and fulfill their commitments.

20th May 2023

Eric Sprott announces changes to his holdings in Galantas Gold Corporation

Galantas in the news again, perhaps more bad news for them in the already difficult economic climate.
Well known gold-mine investor, Eric Sprott has allowed certain options he held in Galantas Gold Corporation to expire without exercising them. This means he did not take action to buy additional shares of the company, resulting in a decrease in his control or ownership of Galantas Gold Corporation by approximately 6.5%. This indicates that Eric Sprott has reduced his involvement or confidence in the company.

Eric Sprott is a Canadian billionaire entrepreneur and investor who has a significant influence in the gold industry. He is widely recognized as one of the most prominent figures in the field of precious metals investing in Canada.
Sprott began his career as a licensed securities dealer in the late 1960s. He founded Sprott Securities in 1981, which later became one of Canada’s leading investment firms specializing in small-cap resource investments. Over the years, he gained a reputation for his expertise in the resource sector, particularly in gold and silver.

As an avid supporter of gold, Sprott has been a vocal advocate for investing in the precious metal. He has often expressed concerns about the global financial system and has recommended holding physical gold and silver as a means of protecting wealth and hedging against economic uncertainty.

In addition to his investment activities, Sprott has launched several resource-focused investment funds and companies. One notable example is Sprott Inc., an asset management firm he founded in 2000. The company manages a range of investment vehicles, including physical bullion trusts, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which allow investors to gain exposure to gold and other precious metals.

Sprott’s influence in the gold industry stems from his extensive knowledge, experience, and successful track record as a resource investor. His opinions and actions are closely followed by many investors and market participants, and his investment decisions have the potential to impact gold prices and market sentiment.

There is a general agreement among many that having Eric Sprott’s support indicates that your business is on the right track. However, if he chooses to withdraw his support, it is widely seen as a signal that selling should be seriously considered.

Read the full article at this link


29th April 2023

Save our Sperrins reception by the Array Collective at Ulster Museum

The Save our Sperrins group  were invited to a reception hosted by none other than the Array Collective, winners of the prestigious 2021 Turner Prize.

Upon arriving at the Ulster Museum, the group was immediately struck by the stunning exhibit on display – ‘The Druithaib’s Ball’. This imaginative piece of art is a depiction of a ‘síbín’, a secret pub that defies the sectarian divides that have long plagued Northern Ireland. It is a place where people can gather, socialize and celebrate outside the confines of religion and ethnicity, a true testament to the power of art to unite people.

The Array Collective, consisting of 11 brilliant artists, has been working tirelessly since 2016 to create collaborative actions that address the pressing socio-political issues facing Northern Ireland. They are driven by a deep sense of purpose and an unwavering commitment to human rights. By reclaiming and challenging dominant ideas about identity, they hope to create a new mythology that celebrates diversity and inclusivity.

As an added bonus, admission to the museum is completely free, making it an accessible and enjoyable experience for all. So why not join the ranks of those who have been moved by this unique and powerful exhibit? Head over to the Ulster Museum and witness the magic of ‘The Druithaib’s Ball’ for yourself!|

See gallery images-

5th April 2023

Charity Exhibition by local artists- 22nd/23rd April

Get ready to be wowed by the creativity and talent of our local artists! They’re coming together to put on a spectacular exhibition at the Learmount Community Centre in Park Village on the 22nd and 23rd of April.

Experience a visual feast as you admire a diverse range of artworks. Meet the artists and learn about their inspiration and techniques behind their masterpieces.

And the best part? Admission is absolutely free! But don’t forget to bring your wallet, as all proceeds will go towards the Save our Sperrins campaign, which aims to fund a public inquiry and protect our beautiful landscape.

Mark your calendars for 12pm to 4pm daily and join us for an unforgettable event that celebrates creativity and supports a worthy cause.

See you there!

Learmount Community Centre, Park, BT47 4BA

N065 April 2023

CAMIO and Save our Sperrins to amalgamate

CAMIO have taken the decision to integrate fully with Save our Sperrins. The coming together of these two leading campaign groups will allow both groups to combine their resources and expertise to create a mroe robust and effective response to the forthcoming public inqiry.

The net result will be a stronger, streamlined, more efficient organisation that is better equipped to navigate the challenges in protecting our local environment from the threat of gold mining.

The changes are effecive immediately- CAMIO’s Facebook page name will change to ‘Save our Sperrins – Omagh (formerly CAMIO)

N064 January 2023

Galantas: Future of Omagh gold mining company in doubt

Click here or on image for link to full news story.

Galantas Gold Corporation has laid off around 40 workers at its premises outside Omagh, giving them one week’s notice of termination of employment. The remaining 14 staff will be retained for site maintenance and security.  The recruitment and retention of underground mining crews at the Omagh project has been a challenge, according to the company, due to only being able to recruit miners from the UK and Ireland.

This news could be linked to the decision to appoint QME Navan as a contract miner, thus ‘replacing’ direct employment

Click here or on image for link to full news story.

N063 September 2022

Galantas Gold hires QME as contract miner for underground mine development

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Galantas Gold Corporation has announced that its subsidiary Flintridge Resources Ltd has appointed QME Ltd of Navan, Ireland, as a mining contractor to develop the access and exploration drives to the Joshua Vein at its Omagh Gold Project in Northern Ireland.

QME’s project scope comprises a total of 600 m of underground development and is expected to commence in January 2023. Development to an exploration drive is expected to be completed by May 2023, followed by access drives to two mining levels at the Joshua Vein in Q3 2023.

QME were previously contracted by Dalradian to extract their 15,000 tonne bulk sample from Curraghinalt in 2016 Link

Click here or on image for link to full news story.

N062 January 2022

Councillors back motion calling for end to ‘free’ police security at mines

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In a motion brought before the full council in recent days independent councillor Paul Gallagher urged the council to write to Justice Minister Naomi Long to insist the companies involved pay for the cost of security themselves, rather than leave the taxpayer to foot the bill.

The motion was back by the majority of councillors – DUP members voted against the motion, while the Ulster Unionist representatives abstained

Click here or on image for link to full news story.

N061 January 2022

Dalradian apply for 2 new prospecting licences

With the imminent expiration of the DG5/16 and DG6/16 Dalradian have applied to the Department of Economy  for two replacement licences 

Click here or on image for link to full news story.

N060 January 2022

Problems at Curraghinalt explosives store...?

Worrying developments at the explosives store at Curraghinalt on Wednesday 12 January when it was revealed that the security system appeared to be offline for several days  due to a power outage.
Could a design flaw potentially compromise the security measures at this site? 

Click here or on image for link to full news story.

N058 January 2022

Does Galantas Gold have a healthy balance sheet?

From ‘Simply Wall St’-  The external fund manager backed by Berkshire Hathaway’s Charlie Munger, Li Lu, makes no bones about it when he says ‘The biggest investment risk is not the volatility of prices, but whether you will suffer a permanent loss of capital.’ It’s only natural to consider a company’s balance sheet when you examine how risky it is, since debt is often involved when a business collapses. As with many other companies Galantas Gold Corporation (CVE:GAL) makes use of debt. But is this debt a concern to shareholders?

Click here or on image for link to full news story.

N056 DECEMBER 2021

SOS take campaign to London!

Representatives of the Sperrins anti-goldmining campaign visited London this week to raise awareness of the threat to the Sperrins from Gold mining.  Highlights of the trip included a meeting with the Crown Estate, visiting Orion Mine Finance, The Critical Minerals Association and the Mines and Money Conference.
Well done to all involved!

Where to next?


N055 DECEMBER 2021

Gold miners must justify environmental impacts, veteran investor says

Article from the Financial Times on 2nd December by Neil Hume, where he describes how a veteran investor, BlackRock’s Evy Hambro said that people could more easily see the need to dig giant holes in the ground to mine energy transition metals such as copper and nickel — but that the case is less clear for gold.  Hambro was speaking at the recent Mines and Money conference in central London.
This is indeed the case, gold is a barbarous relic of the past- with over 500 years of industrial supply in the vaults of the worlds banks- much of it there for over 100 years.
‘Gold cannot justify the environmental impact of its activities, according to one of the sector’s most influential fund managers’.

Click here or on image for link to full news story.

N054 NOVEMBER 2021

Increased water inflow halts production at Tara Boliden, Navan

Production has been stopped at Tara Boliden’s zinc mine near Navan, Co.Meath due to  increased water flow into the mine.
Tara Boliden, Navan is Europe’s largest zinc mine.
Water began flooding the underground mine as a crew was drilling a pilot raise bore hole for a ventilation shaft.
Inflow volumes are exceeding the capacity of the dewatering infrastructure, the company said, adding it was unclear for how long production will be stopped.

Click here or on image for link to full news story.

N053 NOVEMBER 2021

Potential mining at Baronscourt, Newtownstewart?

It has been discovered that an application to prospect for barite at Baronscourt, near Newtownstewart was made to Derry and Strabane District council last year. (October 13th 2020)

MCT were planning to take a sample programme within this area with the view to investigate and evaluate the extent and commercial potential of it’s barite deposits within its mineral prospecting licences. 
The plan was to conduct a series of mini-sample boreholes across eight areas to obtain further geological information within the area.

Click here or on image for link to full news story.

The Baronscourt Estate, near Newtownstewart
N052 NOVEMBER 2021

CAMIO COP26 Protest

The 12th November marked the final day of the CAMIO COP26 protest held at Fermanagh and Omagh Council’s Grange park offices.  
Each session featured a themed meditation session, the protests were held daily at 9am and 9pm and were attended by people from across the Sperrins region, led by CAMIO’s Marella Fyffe.


Click here or on image for link to full news story.

N051 OCTOBER 2021

Spooked by mining in the Sperrins

The Omagh based group- CAMIO held their very successful ‘Spooked by mining in the Sperrins’ event on Saturday 30th October.
Women and children from across the province assembled in the Grange Park and walked the short distance to the Dalradian Gold offices on Killybrack Road for a peaceful protest.

Click here or on image for link to full news story.

N051 OCTOBER 20210

BBC Spotlight- War in the Sperrins

A gold mine, the promise of jobs and a community divided. As a planning decision on a Tyrone gold mine draws nearer, Lyndsey Telford investigates the potential economic benefits, the environmental risks and the growing rift between supporters and objectors in a rural community.
This documentary was first shown on 26th October 2021.
Use the link below to access the programme on BBC I-Player.

Click here or on image for link to the programme on BBC I-Player

N051 NOVEMBER 2021

Day 1350 - Occupying the Land (trailer) New Ireland TV

The Greencastle People’s office is a occupation protest against a Canadian gold mine in county Tyrone, Ireland. They have been present at the site for over three years, and have been subjected to a prolonged intimidation campaign by the corporation. The full program will be available on New Ireland TV soon, along with over 100 other items coveing all walks of life in 21st century Ireland.This documentary was first shown on 26th October 2021.
Use the link below to access the programme on BBC I-Player.

Click here or on image for link to the trailer on Youtube

N052 OCTOBER 2020

GPO - Celebrating 1000 days of resistance!

Doing a vital job for the communities of Greencastle, Gortin and the Sperrins area. This represents the strong community feeling against the plans for gold mining in the area and the determination to prevent it from happening.
Dalradian need to realise, the harder they push- the stronger the people will resist. This simply wont ‘disappear’.

Click here or on image for link to the video.