CAMIO COP26 Protest- Grange Park, Omagh

N052 NOVEMBER 2021

Activists held daily meditation vigils outside the Fermanagh and Omagh Council offices between 1st November and 12th November, at 9am and 9pm daily.
The vigils were led by CAMIO’s Marella Fyffe and coincided with the COP26 Summit at Glasgow to target a reduction on carbon emissions and reduce the risk of climate change.
Marella claims “its ok doing a bit of recycling and going around doing little school projects, but at the end of the day they’re irrelevant. What we need to be doing is hitting the big stuff-that’s anything from mining to farming and sewage. These three things alone are massive in their production of carbon”.
“We need to stop fiddling around the edges and make some decent decisions and that’s what really concerns me”. The world faces civilizational collapse if leaders do not act to cut emissionsand end biodiversity loss. This decade right now, this is the most important ten years for us as the human race- Let’s start now!”

The urgency and hypocrisy of the situation has been illustrated clearly on a local level with a lot of hot air from local political representatives, in how they support the efforts for carbon reduction and climate change- but in the same breath they have been totally brainwashed by the claims of local mining companies that they are going to be green.
Perhaps our local representatives do not understand the fallacy of ‘net carbon neutral’ claims, and the only real solution is reducing or eliminating carbon totally.

In Dalradian’s updated planning application for their proposed gold mine at Greencastle they are forecasting that up to 3.3 million litres of diesel will be used per year, for 25+ years! Production of this CO2 and the associated pollution for a product that has over 500 years worth of supply already in the bank vaults around the world is insane, and to sacrifice our local pristine environment for nothing is sacrilege.

Approximately 50 people attended the closing event at Grange Park on 12th November. The meditation and drumming sessions were followed by a short celebration.

The organisers would like to thank everyone for attending.