Treasure Leitrim Protest- Cavanacaw

Treasure Leitrim protest at Cavanacaw Gold mine, Omagh- 28th November

Treasure Leitrim organised a protest against the application of prospecting licences in North Leitrim by Galantas/Flintridge Resources.  The event was very well attended with a large contingent from Leitrim, Monaghan, Donegal and also the local groups from Tyrone and Derry.  Thankfully the weather was favourable for this peaceful protest.  Thanks to everyone who attended!


Cavanacaw mine, Omagh- Galantas

This is the Galantas Gold mine at Cavanacaw, Omagh- Co.Tyrone

Galantas have been operating as an opencast mine since 2005, but recently have started to develop their underground operation- a 300m deep tunnel network.
The gallery photos show the extent of the devastation to the landscape in the Cavanacaw area. The main excavation at the Kearney pit is over 50 meters deep.


Dalradian drill rigs- Curraghinalt

Core sampling drill rigs in the Owenkillew Valley, near Curraghinalt

In 2018 Dalradian embarked in a drilling campaign in the Owenkillew valley, and in the Crosh, Rylagh and Glenhoridal areas of Omagh under their DG1/14 prospecting licence. 
The mobile drill rigs were positioned on wooden mats.


Dalradian Curraghinalt depot and proposed mine site at Greencastle

Dalradian's compound on Camcosy Rd- Rousky, and the proposed mine site at Crockanboy Hill, Greencastle.

The Camcosy Road site is a small compound with a machinery shed, ore storage shed, offices and the portal for the 1,700m long adit which extends into the hillside.  The 15,000 tonne bulk sample was removed from here in 2017.  There is also a waste stockpile and a water treatment facility on site.  Across the road on the hill side, there is an explosives store and ventilation shaft.


Cavanacaw mine, Omagh

Galantas Gold, Cavanacaw

This gold mine is approximately 3 miles from Omagh town centre.  It has operated as an open pit since the early 2000s but has recently started to develop an underground mine.


Curraghinalt site, Rousky

Dalradian Gold

This is Dalradian’s exploratory adit at their compound near Rousky.  It consists of an explosives store, offices, machinery shed, ore storage shed and a water treatment facility.  There is also a waste rock stockpile at this location.
According to the planning consent, the facility should have been decommissioned and returned to a green field site by now but this hasn’t happened.