Spooked by mining in the Sperrins

N051 OCTOBER 2020

Saturday 30th October, was an eventful day!
Multitudes of women and children gathered in the car cark at Grange Park in Omagh in their Halloween costumes, to form a procession to a protest at Dalradian’s gate on the Killybrack Road.

Along the way through the park, the procession stopped at various locations for photos, and drumming/singing.

At Dalradian’s gate the group assembled along the pavement and numerous speeches were read by the campaigners.

Although a cold day, the procession was blessed with bright sunshine, and the event was awash with colour, and sounds.

The organisers- CAMIO would like to thank everyone for attending and making the peaceful protest so colourful!
It was great to see the effort that everyone went to, creating their costumes.

Check out the photos in the gallery.