Introducing- Galloway Against Mining!

N065 APRIL 2022

There are may things in common between Northern Ireland and Scotland,- perhaps not surprisingly. Since the dawn of civilisation the people of the areas have interacted across the North Channel.
At its shortest it’s only 14 miles between Torr Head, Co.Antrim to Mull of Kintyre, and only 20 miles from Larne to Port Patrick.  
Place names in both countries are very familiar, due to the derivations from the Gaelic and Scots, weather is characteristically dismal at times- but the beauty and ruggedness of these landscapes are undisputable.  
The landscape of course is influenced by the common underlying geology, and unfortunately for our colleagues in Scotland they also share the gold producing fault that extends across the upper half of Ireland.  
This has now led to prospecting and the threat of gold mining in the region.   
The local communities in Galloway have started the fight back and formed a group- Galloway Against Mining!   The group have reached out to the groups in Ireland, and are closely working together to protect their precious landscape.

Already the group boast the support of over 1,300 members on their Facebook page,  and has even had the endorsement from Dame Joanna Lumley.  Check out the excellent video opposite- A wee fairy tale written by Julie Yson to highlight the campaign against mining in Galloway, SW Scotland. 

Find out more by joining the discussion group Galloway Against Mining! on Facebook. – will keep you updated on any developments in Galloway and we are looking forward to co-operating with them, and sharing strategies.